Episode 005: Dr. Tony Palermo: A philosophy of: You send them, I’ll serve them and MASSIVE ACTION.

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A 1989 graduate of Life University, Dr. Tony has operated not one, but two highly successful chiropractic practices during the past twenty-five years. His 100% Cash, 100% Referral/Members ONLY Practice which caters primarily to health conscious individuals and their families has become a model for countless chiropractors around the world.

He is a post-graduate continuing education faculty member at Life University School of Chiropractic, a past team teacher for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance’s Total Solution and an author with countless articles published in a variety of chiropractic trade publications.

He has spoken before thousands of doctors in a variety of chiropractic gatherings, conventions and seminars worldwide. He served as the CEO of the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) and Senior Vice-President of The Chiropractic Leadership Alliance.

In his ‘spare time’ he is an adjunct College Professor of Anatomy and Physiology! He was born to teach… Dr. Tony Palermo.


Optimistic Quote – Affirmation

“The present is always perfect. The physical universal never lies.” 

Top Three Core Values

1. Only one: TIME.

Life & Practice Struggle

Life: Time is the absolute #1 core value for Dr. Palermo and at one time he was WORKING so very hard that he was missing out on what he really matters in life—his family life.

Practice: After years of frustration dealing with insurance companies and “making deals” with patients he changed his systems overnight. 

What’s Working and Amazing in Life & Practice

1. Never coerce referrals. Make it simple. 3 referral conversations per week. Low cost.

“So is there one person that you can think of that you wish could be coming here for care.”

2. Weekly in office lay lecture.

3. Be involved in your community.


Identify first your ideal life and lifestyle that you want and go about creating it. 

Resources & Links

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email: DrT@DrTonyPalermo.com

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