Episode 004: Cory St. Denis: Chiropractor-to-be and online entrepreneur we can all learn from.

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Cory St. Denis is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at the DCTree. This movement and company sprouted from his vision of ensuring all Chiropractic students receive the cutting edge technique, neuroscience and identity building information he was exposed to at training sessions with his mentors. He is passionate about building a coalition to bridge the gap between new Chiropractors and practice fulfillment. Currently he is a doctoral student and senior intern at Logan University.

Optimistic Quote – Affirmation

“You are the average of the six people you associate with”.

Top Three Core Values

1. Honesty

2. Health

3. Passion

Life & Practice Struggle

Applying himself to the academics of Chiropractic college.

What’s Working and Amazing in Life & Practice

DcTree website development and creation. Professional networking site.

Resources & Links

“Why you Get Sick and How Your Brain Can Fix It” by Richard Barwell, DC

DC Tree

DC Tree Seminars

Chiropractic Game Changers podcast