Episode 002: Dr. Steve Hoffman: Words of Wisdom From a Chiropractic Legend: From massive practice success, to near bankruptcy, and back again.

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Dr. Steve Hoffman brings 35 years of experience in the chiropractic field along with a substantial and practical business background.

His accomplishments in both the health field and the business arena are impressive.

With numerous degrees and awards to his credit, his unique approach to personal, business and practice development has been the X Factor for so many chiropractors seeking to create success in their lives.

His primary focus is empowering chiropractors to clarify their own individual vision for their life, business and practice and then show them what they are already doing that will contribute to them accomplishing that purpose.

He is driven by the idea that we all leave an indelible mark on those we touch and he wants that mark to have accumulative constructive survival value.

Optimistic Quote – Affirmation

“It’s better to grow healthy children than to repair damaged adults.”

“We never know how far reaching something we FAIL to think, say or do today may effect the lives of millions tomorrow.” 

Top Three Core Values

1. His Life

2. Family

3. Profession

Life & Practice Struggle

Dr. Hoffman discusses his journey from incredible practice success to near bankruptcy—while trying to achieve “enough” in life—and what he learned from this life experience. 

What’s Working and Amazing in Life & Practice

Dr. Hoffman is a new granddad and that this is the most amazing blessing and gift.


“Everything that your think, say, do, put into your mouth, what comes out of our mouth, what bangs around in our heads, absolutely fits B.J.’s four most important words: Accumulative constructive or accumulative destructive survival value. By being conscious of the things that I would think, say, or do, or not do, not say—does it add constructive survival value or destructive survival value to myself or to others.”

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