341: SPECIAL | Dr. Clayton Roach & Derrick Westhaver | Be You Practice Growth | ChiroMBA

About Dr. Clayton Roach & Derrick Westhaver:

Dr. Clayton Roach is a successful chiropractor and owner of Roach Chiropractic Centre in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, one of the most accomplished chiropractic clinic in Eastern Canada. Since starting, he has consistently been incorporating winning strategies into his practice and has received many awards elevating his practice to an elite level. Constantly striving to improve and grow, he has worked with many of the great thought leaders in his profession. He has a passion for teaching and helping people express the greatness that’s already within them. He is co-founder of Chiro MBA in partnership with Derrick Westhaver. Together, they deliver a methodology which combines both their knowledge and experiences, creating the perfect blend for an innovative program tailored to build chiropractic entrepreneurs.

Derrick Westhaver is a senior business executive with over 35 years’ experience with a track record of successfully overachieving his revenue and profitability objectives. The first 15 years of his career were spent working with customers from some of the largest companies in North America such as Tupperware, GE Aircraft Engines, LASMO and CIBC. Over the past 20 years, he has built new lines of businesses for top Fortune 500 companies such as Compaq, HP, Dell, Hitachi and BSI, helping grow the latter from $100K to $6M in revenue. Drawing from his success, he launched his own firm 4Blade Consulting to deliver a framework for business that provides predictable outcomes focused on Cash, People, Strategy, and Execution. He is co-founder of Chiro MBA in partnership with Dr. Clayton Roach, delivering a methodology which combines their experiences. They have blended the best of both professions creating a new approach to Chiropractic entrepreneurship.


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