327: Dr. Melissa Longo: Does Size Matter? | The Simple Practice Solution

About Dr. Melissa Longo:

Since starting a successful practice in 2002 in beautiful Collingwood Ontario, Dr. Melissa Longo has made it her business to empower other doctors in their lives and careers – literally. A fearless entrepreneur and sought-after mentor & coach, Dr. Melissa has also hosted the top rated podcast, Rockstar Doctor Life, for the past two years in addition to working as a coach within the Laptop Lifestyle Inner Circle Program since January 2019.

Working with doctors one-on-one, coaching with the Inner Circle, questioning the best of the best on her podcast, and hands on experience building a practice that fits her to a tee, has given Dr. Melissa the passion to share with other doctors, the fact that it’s not only possible to have your dream practice, it’s very much within reach.