About Justin Martin:

Justin is a professional business coach and certified financial adviser, trained in helping chiropractors to create more cash-flow and have an aligned business model that will enable them to be productive, happy doctors! Also, he loves cross-fit, so you’re probably looking at a future patient.

Justin grew up in the mountains of beautiful Utah, where he learned to love water-skiing, snow skiing, and performing. He spent a few summers in Japan singing on stage, and is proud to still retain in memory an entire song in Japanese, complete with dance moves, despite knowing nothing about the language. His wife loves it.

He served a two-year mission for his church in Madrid, Spain and then returned to Utah to finish his degree in marketing at Brigham Young University. After marrying the coolest girl in the world, working for a large financial firm and adding two little boys to their family, he took his family to college station, Texas for the wonderful experience of earning his MBA in the accelerated program at Texas A&M University.

Justin was then recruited by an energy company in California. The entrepreneurial gene pulled him back to Utah soon after and Justin began developing several small businesses focused on financial planning, real estate and investments. Their family has grown in Utah to add one more boy and a girl, bringing the kid total to four, where he and his wife are now completely and happily outnumbered. Working with several startup companies has taught Justin to feel very passionately about helping small businesses explode with growth.

A chance meeting with Pete Covino, owner and senior wealth adviser for Legacy Wealth, has led to an exciting position as a wealth adviser, specializing in helping chiropractors grow their businesses and prepare for a robust financial future.


Contact Justin: justin@mydynamiciq.com

Check out Justin’s website: www.mydynamiciq.com