Month: April 2019

312: Dr. Roger Sahoury: Faith, Family, Fun and Health | The Struggle is Real

About Dr. Roger Sahoury: Dr. Roger Sahoury is a World Renowned Wellness Expert and Founder of Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Center. He is a leader in the field of chiropractic, holistic health, and the wellness industry. He is a globally recognized speaker, health and wellness media expert, and educator. Dr. Sahoury has been featured…

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311: Dr. Charles Francis: Freedom-based Weight Loss Practice | Define Your Freedom

About Dr. Charles Francis: Dr. Charles Francis, D.C. has a mission to help as many people reach their full health potential as possible in Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Francis specializes in natural health and life extension using various evidence-based and holistic methods. Dr. Francis has worked with many professional athletes (NFL, MLS, MMA Fighters, and Olympic…

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310: Dr. Adam Del Torto: The Past is Predestined…the You Control | Chiropractic Rocks!

About Dr. Adam Del Torto: Adam J. Del Torto, BS, DC, is a 1984 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He presently has two practice locations, in Burbank and Catalina Island California. Dr. Adam uses an integrative approach to treatment incorporating a combination of Diversified Chiropractic Adjusting techniques, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) procedures (SOT involves methods…

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