Month: April 2017

265: Dr. Aaron Tressler | BEING the Chiropractic Authority | Passion with Purpose

DR. AARON TRESSLER CHIROPRACTOR AND DEVELOPER OF IN8LIFE SYSTEM With a strong background in Health & Fitness, I always saw the need for complete overall Health. When I discovered chiropractic at Life University, my vision and understanding of true health was complete. My weight loss system was created out of necessity for growth and survival….

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264: Dr. Steve Burlison | The Million Dollar Practice Mentor | Be a CLOSER

Dr. Steve Burlison is one of our professions most on-purpose thought leaders. It is his belief that this is the most exciting time in history be a chiropractor. He’s inspiring Chiropractors to grow and achieve the greatness that is in each and everyone of us. It is this philosophy that he brings to his coaching…

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