123: Jack Canfield: The Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be




Jack is founder and former CEO of Chicken Soup® for the Soul Enterprises, which encompasses licensing, merchandising, and publishing activities around the globe.

Jack is a pioneer and world leader in the field of personal and organizational training. He has conducted more than 2,500 trainings, workshops and seminars—and has presented and conducted workshops for more than 500 corporations, professional associations, universities, school systems, and mental health organizations in all 50 states and 35 countries around the globe.

More than 100 million books sold. (and 500 million worldwide)  In addition to creating the blockbuster Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack is the multiple New York Times bestselling author of The Success Principles, The Success Principles for Teens, The Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, Dare to Win, You’ve Got to Read This Book!, The Key to Living the Law of Attraction, Coaching for Breakthrough Success and Tapping into Ultimate Success.

Jack holds the Guinness World Record for having seven books on the New York Times Bestseller list on the same day. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest book signing ever for Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul.

Jack has been invited repeated to appear on shows such as Oprah, Montel, Larry King Live, 20/20, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, The CBS Evening News, The NBC Nightly News, Eye to Eye, CNN’s Talk Back Live!, PBS, QVC and many others.

Jack is the founder of The Foundation for Self-Esteem which provides self‐esteem resources and trainings to social workers, welfare recipients and human resource professionals. Jack wrote and co-produced the GOALS Program, a video-based training program to help people in California transition from welfare to work, which has helped 810,000 people get off of welfare.

 Episode Highlights

  • The story behind “Chicken Soup for the Soul”
  • Jack shares his early struggles and challenges
  • What is purpose mean to Jack Canfield
  • Fear of Success
  • The value of persistence
  • Where to start if you want more out of life

 Optimistic Quote – Affirmation

“ The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein

Top Three Core Values

  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Taking action

Resources & Links

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