070: New Patient Project: Heidi Farrell: Mile a Minute to Master Your Family Practice Experience!

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Heidi Pink #3


Heidi Farrell is a master when it comes to communicating ‘LIFE’ principles for success! Her knowledge and expertise as a consultant has helped individuals, teams, groups, businesses and organizations around the country create the success and happiness they deserve.

Heidi is an internationally known speaker in the Untied States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. She is CEO and founder of CAS; a personalized business management company that helps business’s advance toward their vision of success by helping them apply the fundamentals of service, simplicity and procedure under a communion united team vision.

Success Quote:

“Follow your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagines.” –David Henry Thoreau


  • Stay the line. Stay the course. Keep with your vision.
  • You can’t have what you want if you don’t put the time and energy into it.
  • Teamwork is essential for success
  • You must have mindset for new patients

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