050: Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner: Pediatric Power Couple Reveals Time of Trial by Fire

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Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner are the Go-To team for helping chiropractors become high profile credible leaders in their community for helping children.

They have developed a practice comprised of 75% young children and pregnant women where the child is nearly always the first patient in the family to begin care.

Through dozens of innovative & breakthrough marketing, special events & educational programs & products, Drs. Warner have been touted as bringing the most kids into chiropractic offices in the history of the profession. They are founders of Kids Day America/International, through which they have trained 2,500 chiropractors to screen over 5 million children for subluxation.

They have empowered chiropractors throughout the world through hundreds of keynote speeches & their renowned pediatric chiropractic conferences.

Since 1992 they have run a legendary practice in Pt. Pleasant, NJ where they raise their three extraordinary children who have been adjusted since birth.

Optimistic Quote – Affirmation

“It is the path of least resistance that makes rivers and men crooked.” –BJ Palmer

“Struggle and unhappiness are enormously unimportant.” – Ayn Rand

Top Three Core Values

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Chiropractic

Life & Practice Struggle

Drs. Warner share how a health challenge tested their resolve and solidified their belief in the principles of Chiropractic. 


  • What is your commitment level?
  • Life should be effortless
  • Do not take the miracles in practice for granted
  • Teach your patient to refer people into your practice
  • Do things with humility and know your worth
  • Expect to have a great impact in your practice

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